Ceramics by Nicole

Functional, wheel-thrown artwork inspired by nature

Online store will open in February 2022

About the Artist

I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty and being outside. Ceramics is a way for me to bring the earth inside, in beautiful and functional ways. My travel experiences enrich my art, and I invite you to follow me on both journeys.

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See the Pottery Process

Each finished piece had humble beginnings – from mud ball, to centering, throwing, trimming, hand building, drying, first firing, glazing and final firing. See the story of your future favorite piece of art, by following me on social media and joining my mailing list!

Exclusive Opportunity

For a limited time, join the 2022 Mug of the Month club.

A small group of buyers will be enrolled to receive a mug or a set of tumblers every month for three months! This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for family and friends – or yourself. I’m only opening this offer to 5 buyers.