I grew up in small town America, complete with the water tower and single stoplight. In 2014, I found ceramic arts. My love of artwork continued expanding until I very recently started offering my pieces to buyers. Each piece is handcrafted, from mud ball to a glossy final glazed piece.

My hometown and farm life upbringing gave me an appreciation of nature in all its forms. Now I travel to peaceful, though sometimes intimidating, wilderness spaces across the country. Every fall, you can find me hunting with my family – every step from scouting to processing what I take down. In the world of artists, I stand out for my complex closed wheel forms, as well as my rustic pursuits in the outdoors.

Watching someone find the piece of art they plan to take into their home brings me tremendous joy. Every mug, vase, plate and bowl is carefully developed through more than 10 stages of work. I work hard to keep my prices within everyone’s reach, because the goal of my art is to share beautiful places and beautiful things for your home or office. I hope I’ll hear from you as you enjoy my work.

  • Wheel-thrown pottery
  • Functional ceramics
  • Closed forms on the wheel
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